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Hello there!

I’m Donna and I’m a little nervous to be launching this blog / website.

The fact is I’m a 53-year-old married woman who has always enjoyed reading and writing.

I was born with a complex congenital heart condition, and this meant that when I was younger, I spent most of my spare time reading. At primary school I couldn’t go outside and run-around, particularly in winter I would be allowed to spend my break times and lunchtimes in the warmth of the library – it feels like I read most of the books available. Even in my teenage years I would spend a large amount of time in the corner of the room, with my nose in a book.

Fast forward to young adulthood and I began to devote more time to my social life (!), met my husband, got married and had children. Both of our offspring have additional needs that have brought different challenges. When I have the chance, I blog about our lives at lifeandotherstoriesblog (wordpress.com).

Life can be busy, and it is easy to get caught up in all that it entails, but during the pandemic lockdown(s) I rediscovered my love for reading and joined a creative writing group.

Then, last year, a long-time friend died (not Covid). We had known each 36 years, having met at college, and had shared so much over that time. She had just started in the role she felt was her purpose, after many years of searching for who she wanted to be. I miss her so much and will never forget her.

This has led me to this point – creating this space on the internet to share reviews of books I have enjoyed and some of my writing.

If you have somehow found yourself here – thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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